Happy 2021! We couldn't be more happy that 2020 is behind us and we're hopeful for the year ahead. The new year is a time to start fresh and align our intentions and hopes for the year to come. Meaning, it is resolution time! If you have fitness resolutions this year, don't let it stop at your body. Your skin could use a workout too! Make 2021 the year your skin gets in shape.


1. Hydration

It's important to stay hydrated before, during, and after a workout. Just like how your skin should be hydrated all day! Keeping skin moisturized helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ensure you are using a hydrating, vitamin C serum every morning to start each day with a moisturizing glow.

Our Strawberry-C Brightening Serum contains Strawberry Fruit & Seed Extract to visibly brighten skin and Hyaluronic Acid to visibly plump and hydrate skin for long-term moisture retention.

2. Pre-Workout

Sometimes we can need a little pep in our step before exercising (or just taking on the day). Your tired skin could also use a shot of pre-workout to help awaken and bring it to life. Wake up dull, sleepy skin with a caffeine-powered moisturizer that helps de-puff, revitalize, and minimize the look of wrinkles.

Volition's Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer's lead ingredient, Yaupon Holly, is a caffeine-rich leaf that energizes tired skin, soothes redness, and visibly reduces puffiness, which in turn, gives skin a boost of vitality.

3. Sculpt

Foam rollers, make way for face rollers! Just like the muscles in our body, face muscles also get tight, hold tension, and can become lax through lack of use. It's important to massage the skin to upkeep healthy circulation and stimulation. Sculpt and tone your face with a face roller to encourage lymphatic drainage.

The Pink Quartz De-Puffer utilizes the healing Pink Quartz crystal to improve skin elasticity, allow for optimal product absorption, and help reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines.

4. Cool down

Don't sweat it if you're starting to work up a sweat. Whether you're doing an AM yoga stretch or just get oily throughout the day, use an oil-controlling mist to mattify skin and keep oil at bay. While blotting sheets can absorb oil, they don't help control oil all day like a mist will.

Our Oil-Control Mattifying Mist delivers hydration as it helps mattify and reduce excess oil. 

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