Root Detox Carbonated Foam
Not your traditional scalp treatment. This new carbonated foam detoxifies the scalp without damaging hair follicles. It bubbles as it removes excess oil and dirt to cleanse your scalp like never before. 120 mL / 4 oz
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Meet carbonated hair care

After struggling with scalp treatments that damage the hair or leave it oily and flat, our innovator Luana was determined to develop a product that is effective. Unlike harsh scalp treatments, this product can be conveniently applied on a dry scalp to avoid damage of the hair follicle in its most fragile state.


Packed with other star ingredients, this scalp treatment is effective by removing product build up and dead skin cells. The combination of peppermint oil, caffeine, and lemon gently replenish the scalp to reach optimal scalp health.


-Removes product buildup
-Soothes irritation of the scalp
-Gentle formula to avoid hair damage
-Promotes a healthy scalp
-Results in shiny, healthy hair

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Luana G.
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Root Detox Carbonated Foam
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Water is the Kryptonite of the hair. It breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in the hair, leaving it in its most fragile state.
The bad news is we need water to keep it clean, it's inevitable; the good news is the incredible Volition team gave beauty addicts like me (or you) the opportunity to create solutions to problems that no one else seems to be seeing or caring about.
In this case, we are going to minimize the time our hair spend with its worst enemy!

- Luana G.
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Root Detox Carbonated Foam