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Is something missing from your beauty routine? Did you discover a rare ingredient while traveling? We welcome your product ideas.  

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Submit your great beauty product idea to Volition.  Our experts will vet for feasibility, quality and safety. Our entire process is free of charge to you. 

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Jen R's Neroli Complete Creme went from idea submission to being sold nationally on QVC in just 6 months!

We match you and your idea with industry-leading labs and the most talented chemists and developers in beauty.

Tens of thousands of Volition community members weigh in on your product ideas through votes or product surveys. 

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We believe product users like you are the best source of solutions. Is there something in your beauty routine you'd like to improve?  Is there a beauty product you wish existed that doesn't? Do you have a great beauty hack you'd like to see turned into a must-have product?

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Our revenue-sharing model ties your rewards directly to product success. Unprecedented in the beauty industry, it is truly resetting the definition of partnership between Innovators and brands.
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