Double Edged Eyeliner Pen
For anyone in pursuit of a perfect eyeliner look your search ends here. This convenient pen includes long-lasting liquid eyeliner on one side and a makeup remover tip on the other. Instead of using several different products, this pen is all you need for a flawless look. 0.6 ml / 0.02 oz
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Your One and Only Eyeliner

As a professional makeup artist for thirty years, our innovator Betsy wanted to create a product that allows her to apply eyeliner and fix mistakes at the same time. Instead of requiring multiple products, this dual action pen will help to craft your perfect winged look.


Create a bold look with this dual action pen. One side consists of a intense black felt-tip liquid eyeliner that offers an effortless application. The other side consists of a oil-free makeup remover tip so if any smudges or smears occur, you can easily redo it without having to take off the rest of your makeup!


- Long-lasting liquid eyeliner
- Precise and effortless application
- Remover pen fixes smudges and slip-ups
- Does not leave greasy residue

Three Steps for Flawless Liner
Confidently create your look with side one (mess-ups are no longer a problem!)
Use the eraser side to erase any mistakes or unevenness.
Gently wipe eraser side with on a soft towel to clean.
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Betsy G.
Double Edged Eyeliner Pen
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Nothing brings out your eyes like a beautiful eyeliner! When applying eyeliner, my biggest frustration is smudges or smears. There is nothing worse than having to pull out a cotton swab and dip it in eye makeup remover to clean up the edges. Or waste an entire makeup remover wipe to clean up a little smudge! Together with Volition Beauty, I created a product that has a stay-put eyeliner on one end and an oil-free make up remover pen on the other. An all-in-one product that will give you the perfect wing in no time!

- Betsy G.
Makeup Artist
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