Double Edged Eyeliner Pen

Draws | Corrects | Cleans

Long-lasting liquid eyeliner on one end and a makeup remover tip on the other. This pen is all you need for a flawless, mistake-free look.

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- Long-lasting formula
- Precise and effortless application
- Corrector side fixes smudges and slip-ups

Skin Concerns

- Uneven Eyeliner Application

Skin Type

- All

Sweep the eyeliner across eyelid. For any smudges or smears, let dry and swipe the corrector tip over eyeliner to remove. Clean the tip of the remover after every use.

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When erasing, wait for the eyeliner to fully dry before correcting for best results.

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"The Best Product EVER! I love this eyeliner. It goes on easily, dries quickly and stays on ALL DAY! It is fantastic!"

-Mary, Volition Customer

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