HydraSurge Rubber Mask
So long, Paris! Seoul is the new benchmark for what's next and innovative in beauty. Enter the HydraSurge Rubber Mask – a limited edition collaboration with Corrine of Mint Arrow and our innovative partner lab in Korea. Includes 2 mask sets.
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The New Korean Modeling Mask

It’s no secret Korea has quickly become the ultimate authority in skincare and beauty advances. Our very own it-girl Innovator, Corrine, didn’t want to wait another 30 years (ahem, BB Creams!) for Korean product innovation to reach us. We went straight to the source, partnering with a top Korean lab to bring you the latest and greatest in Korean Beauty, our HydraSurge Rubber Mask.


By combining the activation powder and active cream base, you unlock a one-of-a kind mask. The creamy gel consistency applies to your skin with precision closeness. It molds to the face and creates a barrier over the skin. As it sets, it delivers a superior level of hydration. Korea has a term for this effect, “chok chok”, which means plump, smooth, radiant and supple skin. Enjoy!


- Long lasting hydration (up to 72 hours)
- Perfectly adheres to your skin creating a custom mold that allows best delivery
- Helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Delivers a cooling effect
- Plumper, radiant, youthful looking skin

Individual results may vary.

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Corrine S
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HydraSurge Rubber Mask
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I totally expected this mask to be like most others I had used but what I discovered was something completely unlike anything I had ever tried! It was like a deep conditioner for my face! So ultra hydrating, I could feel my skin drinking in the moisture. I can't wait to use these masks after I fly in that super dry circulated air of a plane or after a day swimming in chlorine or anytime my skin is feeling dry.

- Corrine S
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