Jetset & Protect Leave-on Mask
Created for travel but perfect for daily use, this carry-on hero combats common skin concerns: dryness, irritation, and dullness. The unique combination of carefully selected ingredients - Marine Hyaluronic Acid, watermelon + apple extracts and coconut oil - create a barrier on your skin from the harsh air (Plus, the clear gel won't scare your neighbors while jet-setting!) 60 ml / 2 oz
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The Travel Companion: Fly yourself into better skin

While in-flight to Paris, innovator Emily tested different face masks recommended for flying but they all fell short of her expectations. She was surprised to find there wasn't a mask for instant skin hydration and protection specifically designed to use while traveling. Carefully selected ingredients create a barrier on your skin from the harsh air while soothing and brightening so you'll look flawless upon arrival. Don't only use while in flight. This is an everyday skin hero.


The combination of limited air flow, germs, and stress require just the right ingredients to protect your skin. Our cream-gel mask immediately refreshes and cools skin while hydrating for up to 24 hours. It's formulated with Marine Hyaluronic Acid that works better than traditional hyaluronic acid for both instant and long-term hydration, all while reducing fine lines. Coconut oil, watermelon, apple and lentil extracts also help soothe distressed skin. Use in-flight or as an on-land overnight mask.


- Instantly hydrates skin
- Long-term increase in hydration levels
- Protects skin from recycled air
- Brightens and evens skin tones
- Soothes distressed skin

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Emily T.
Jetset & Protect Leave-on Mask
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I was getting my beauty products together for a trip to Paris (priorities) and couldn't find a face mask to use on the airplane that would defend my skin against all the issues that come with flying. I started doing ingredient research and emailed Volition from the airport with my idea! It's been so exciting especially to be involved with the creation of a product to make it into exactly what I feel the current market is missing. I tried to think of every way we could make this face mask perfect for travel - from the formula to the economy seat-friendly packaging.

- Emily T.
Jetsetter & Blogger
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