The Skincare Paintbrush
Leave all the mess behind and enhance your skincare application experience with the Skincare Paintbrush! Crafted to expertly paint an even layer of any product to your canvas for a smooth, flawless application.
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Channel your Inner Skincare Picasso

No more dealing with the fuss of getting skincare products just about everywhere but on your face. Now, make it easier to apply the right amount in a way that's not only effective, but hygienic too!


Using a swiping motion, apply your favorite skincare products onto the brush to get a precise, even layer. Perfect for masks, moisturizers, primers...oh my!


-Synthetic bristles for easy clean up
-Pairs perfectly with Detoxifying Silt Gelee
-Smooth, even application

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The Skincare Paintbrush
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Enjoy the Skincare Paintbrush, created for your mask, serum, and any gel/cream skincare application. Time to leave all the mess behind!

- Volition Community
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