Winter Survival Kit
A limited edition, four-piece set of hydrating favorites that moisturizes, radiates and soothes skin just in time for the colder months (travel and wallet-friendly too!).
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Conquer the Cold

Deluxe Snow Mushroom Water Serum
This superfood-powered serum delivers superior hydration and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Deluxe Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel
A lightweight yet powerfully active gel moisturizer that combines Marine Algae with anti-aging bio-actives for hydrated and younger-looking skin.

Deluxe Turmeric Brightening Polish
A multipurpose polish for face and body that instantly makes skin brighter and softer. Powered by Turmeric, the ancient spice known for its healing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Full size Jetset & Protect
This in-flight or overnight mask combats common skin concerns: dryness, irritation, dullness, pollution and free radicals.


Deluxe Snow Mushroom Water Serum
Snow Mushrooms can hold nearly 500 times their weight in water, creating an intense surge of hydration and locking it in long-term to improve moisture retention.

Deluxe Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel
Our trilogy of anti-aging heroes, Brown Algae, Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin C, leave skin hydrated, smoother and improved.

Deluxe Turmeric Brightening Polish
Our expert formulation leverages the Turmeric root to prevent staining. It also includes Sandalwood for toning and Olive Oil for serious hydration.

Full size Jetset & Protect
A combination of carefully selected ingredients - Marine Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil, Watermelon and Apple Extracts - creates a barrier on your skin against harsh air.


Deluxe Snow Mushroom Water Serum
- Hydrates and improves moisture retention 
- Minimizes the appearance of pores and redness 
- Contains collagen-boosting properties 

Deluxe Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel
- Hydrates and instant plumping effect 
- Brightens and evens skin tone 
- Helps reduce the appearance lines and wrinkles 

Deluxe Turmeric Brightening Polish
- Exfoliates and brightens 
- Tones and hydrates  
- Promotes overall skin radiance 

Full size Jetset & Protect
- Helps with long-term moisture retention 
- Protects skin from recycled air 
- Soothes distressed skin

-All products are vegan

Individual results may vary.

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Behind every innovative product is an idea created by a Volition member.
Keidy B., Julie K., Anuradha K. & Emily T.
Winter Survival Kit
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Explore Volition’s moisture-rich products from our varied Innovators in this limited edition hydration kit. The Snow Mushroom Water Serum is brought to you by Keidy B., DIY beauty hacker addict who found a solution for her problematic skin. The Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel is brought to you by Julie K., lab chemist and owner. The Turmeric Brightening Polish is brought to you by Anuradha K. who was inspired by an ancient skin care ritual from India. The Jetset & Protect Leave-On Mask is brought to you by Emily T., a jetsetter and blogger that needed a travel companion for her trips. Combined, these all-star Innovators deliver the serious hydration for the winter months.

- Keidy B., Julie K., Anuradha K. & Emily T.
An exclusive kit of our hydration heroes.
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