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Volition Beauty are a skincare brand that make unique and beautiful products. Their ideas for their products really do seem as though they’ve had a lot of time, care and love poured into them (this is particularly evident in their packaging as well as the unique and natural ingredients that appear to be sprinkled throughout all of their products). One of the things that I love about this brand is that they accept ideas for new products from their customers – I really feel that this is such a positive thing for a brand to do as well as giving it that family feel as opposed to a commercial feel. Volition Beauty state that they are a clean beauty brand and don’t use parabens or sulfates as well as refusing to test on animals (a big YES – this is most definitely something to get on board with and support). –prettyprogessive.com

The quality ingredients, packaging and innovative products are definitely worth a look.


Volition most definitely empowers female entrepreneurs! I love the beauty community of Volition because it’s regular women, like myself, who are able to create a product that people want, not just something that is marketed without need. - Alice R., Oil Control Mattifying Mist Innovator

I may have a slight problem or maybe #volitionbeauty is just that good.

-@shain.taylor on IG

Volition's platform gives everyone the chance to become an entrepreneur. All ideas are welcome! The commission-sharing is also a great financial boost, giving women more opportunities to pursue their dreams. - Anuradha K., Turmeric Brightening Polish Innovator

When they started their brand they decided to put customers first in every way. Each of their products begins as an idea suggested by a customer and is then assessed for originality and feasibility. After that, ideas are put to the vote on their website and the winners go into development. - You Magazine

Volition is absolutely unmatched in their willingness to empower entrepreneurs.  We all have different advantages in life:  relevant education, an awesome job opportunity, the right connections, startup money or a bit of fame... but for some of us, our advantages come in the form of creativity, passion, self-education and a DIY nature.  Not all brands are willing to invest in entrepreneurs who have the latter advantages without the former.  Volition evens the playing field for those of us who might not have conventional advantages, but definitely have amazing skills nonetheless! They make it possible to bring a dream to fruition, seeing past what we might have previously been told were our limitations. My favorite part about having a Volition product is just the fact that I get to be part of a brand that truly stands for things I believe in.  Volition is inclusive, compassionate and socially aware. When they say "clean beauty," it isn't a gimmick or a buzzword, it's an honest philosophy that matches my own. - Mariza V., Palo Azul Deep Hydration Pressed Serum Innovator

Have you ever had a great idea for a beauty product? Something that you can’t find anywhere on the market but that you know people would use and love. Enter Volition Beauty, an entirely crowd-sourced skincare brand that allows anyone to submit their beauty product ideas to be brought to life.

But Volition takes this to a whole new level. Founders Patricia Santos and Brandy Hoffman believe that consumers are brought in too late to the product development process. Driven by their community, they work with their innovators to give the people what they want. Open to everyone, once your product idea is accepted, the brand will work with you to further develop the concept which is then voted on by the Volition community. The ideas that get the most votes are then created by the brand with a clean, cruelty-free formula and sold at retailers like Sephora and Cult Beauty. Commission is shared. So far, Volition has brought to life innovative products including a Turmeric Brightening Polish, a Strawberry-C Brightening Serum, and a Snow Mushroom Water Serum.

- Dazed Digital

But Volition is the first to allow “innovators,” as the company calls them, to drive the idea development — and profit from it. The percentage one receives varies, partly based on how developed the idea is when it’s proposed. The cosmetic chemist who already had the formula for the detoxifying silt gelée mask she proposed gets more than the innovator who has a seedling of an idea.

- New York Times

People vote on the best products, and the winners are put into production to be sold to the general market. As for the genius who had the idea in the first place? “We actually pay them if the product is successful. We share with them a percent of the revenue." For a brand that appears to have a novel, money-making idea, it's still fairly new and under the radar. - Refinery 29

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