Here at Volition Beauty, all of our products are created by a community member who had an idea for a beauty product. These innovators are the foundation of our company; we frankly could not do it without them. We spotlight them throughout the whole process of bringing their beauty idea to life. Our innovator spotlight blog series is another way we highlight the innovators as being integral to Volition Beauty. Keep reading to discover how our Oil-Control Mattifying Mist was created by Innovator Alice Rochi.

As fitness guru and busy mom, Alice is no stranger to being constantly on the go and working up a sweat. Alice’s favorite workouts include high intensity interval training and weight lighting–clearly she is no stranger to tough, sweaty workouts. Being a mom who loves fitness can often mean running from a workout to the next daily task without the chance to shower. Sweat and dirt on the skin post-workout can lead to clogged pores, blemishes, and extreme oil. Alice wanted to create a convenient product that would move through her day with her while keeping her oiliness at bay. 

Alice decided to bring her beauty idea to Volition when she discovered Volition Beauty on Facebook and learned about our crowd sourced beauty approach. Through partnering with Volition, Alice was able to turn her beauty idea into the Oil-Control Mattifying Mist. Alice created this product because “Blotting papers and other mattifying sprays felt outdated and without the true innovation that consumers desire. The humectant powder and natural ingredients in the Mattifying Mist make it a game-changer for post workout and make-up setting.”


The Oil-Control Mattifying Mist can take you from the office to the gym and even to a busy night out. This fine, lightweight mist leaves the face feeling velvety and clean. Winner of the teen vogue acne awards, this product not only helps to control shine but keep blemishes at bay. Perfect for hot summers, busy days, or everyday oil-control; this product is a skin care stable! This face mist can even be used before makeup to prime application and after makeup to lock it in place while preventing shine. 

With Volition’s help, Alice was able to bring her beauty idea to life and the Oil-Control Mattifying Mist is even sold at Sephora and Feel Unique. Partnering with Volition Beauty can not only turn your DIY skincare products into reality but they could be sold at our other retailers! For Alice, “the honor of having a product with Volition has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From shooting with the team in San Francisco, to having the product sold internationally. It has opened up more business opportunities for me being connected to Volition.” Alice even relays that “Volition most definitely empowers female entrepreneurs! I love the beauty community of Volition because it’s regular women, like myself, who are able to create a product that people want, not just something that is marketed without need.”

Alice’s words of advice for those who want to submit an idea: “go for it. If you don’t do it, someone else will.” 

You could be the next Volition innovator; submit your idea at

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