Here at Volition Beauty, all of our products are created by a community member who had a great beauty idea. These innovators are the foundation of our company; we frankly could not do it without them. We spotlight them throughout the whole process of bringing their beauty idea to life. Our innovator spotlight blog series is another way we highlight the innovators as being integral to Volition Beauty. Keep reading to discover how our Turmeric Brightening Polish was created by Innovator Anuradha Koli.

Anuradha had been using the powder from the ancient flowering turmeric plant in her skincare for decades. Her family, dating back generations, used turmeric in their DIY face mask to visibly brighten and relieve their skin of dullness. Turmeric is a powerful skin care ingredient because of its anti-inflammatory properties along with its illuminating and soothing benefits. 

Anuradha’s journey with Volition began when she saw a FaceBook advertisement for Volition Beauty. Being an avid skincare enthusiast, Anuradha explored the brand further and learned about our product development process that takes beauty ideas directly from consumers. The wheels started to turn in her brain as she realized Volition could help turn her turmeric focused skin care into something accessible for everyone. Anuradha reflected on making skin care at home being a difficult and cumbersome task. Joining forces with Volition allowed her to easily make her product and share its benefits with the skin care world. 

After her idea was submitted through the Volition Beauty Lab (our idea submission portal) and accepted by the Volition team, Anuradha’s journey continued at full speed. Anuradha was able to maintain control of her original concept and was an active participant in the design, development, and construction of her product. Unlike other crowdsourced beauty companies, Volition doesn’t appropriate our communities' ideas; instead, we center the process around innovators and pay them! Reflecting on the process, Anuradha noted working with Volition “was a great experience in terms of working with the team, and really thinking through the formula even down to the packaging and the copy and what we wanted them to say.” 

Working with Volition gave Anuradha access to our powerful network of labs which allowed quick solutions to the difficult process of making skin care at home. With Volition’s labs and brain power, we were able to identitify the most potent part of the plant to utilize in the final formula. 

“ It's a dream come true that I honestly did not expect at all,” Anuradha said proudly. When product development was finished, Anuradha was able to walk into Sephora and see her beauty idea fully realized into a finished product: The Turmeric Brightening Polish. The most rewarding part, according to Anuradha, was the positive feedback from customers who fell in love with the product. Working with Volition allows other skin care lovers to share in your DIY secrets! 


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