We strive to create the best skincare. For you, with you. That's just as clean as it is effective. If you're new to clean, here are 5 easy tips for happier skin (and Earth!) and how Volition Beauty products stay clean.


1. Stay away from these 8 ingredients 🧪

toxic ingredients to stay away from clean beauty











2. No more (artificial) fragrances

Your nose may love it, but your skin doesn't. Artificial fragrances are made up of hundreds to thousands of different ingredients not listed on the label, so you never really know what you're exposing your skin to. Opt for fragrance-free products to avoid unlisted, suspicious ingredients and over-drying skin.


3. Recycle & reuse! 

- If your product boxes have the recycle label, be sure to include them with your La Croix cans on trash day!

- Include your caps and screw tops too but leave out any pumps or droppers since they're multimaterial.

- Rinse out your empties and remove the labels if you can for easier recycling.

- Although glass is recyclable, it takes longer to break down than plastic. If you can, try up-cycling or reusing your glass jars and bottles.

- FYI: Every city has different rules and regulations, so check with your local government to find out what can and can’t be recycled where you live!


4. No expired products! 

Using expired products can be dangerous to skin. Check your skincare boxes for a little jar icon, called a PAO (period-after-opening). It shows you how long you can use that product and when to throw it out after you open it. (Pssst..this applies to anything beauty-related! Makeup, skincare, body care, etc.!)


5. Double check the ingredients 📱

Ingredient lists can be long and difficult to read. EWG (or Environmental Working Group) is a non-partisan organization with the goal of protecting human health & the environment. They have an extensive database of topical (and ingestiable) ingredients and rate them from 1-10, from least to most toxic. It's a great resource to see how clean an ingredinet is. Visit https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ or download "EWG's Healthy Living" app in the App Store if you come across an ingredient you want to know more about and want to see its toxicity rating. 

Did you know?: We use EWG as a resource for all of our formulations. We cross-check every ingredients and ensure they're graded below a 4 on EWG's rating scale to ensure we're using the best of the best and the cleanest ingredients in our products.


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