Helix AM/PM Eye Gel
This fast-absorbing, cooling gel is your AM/PM eye solution. Immediately improves hydration, de-puffs and smooths skin for flawless makeup application while, over time, improving firmness, fine lines & wrinkles. 15 ml/.5 oz
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A Tireless 24 X 7 Eye Treatment

"What if... my serious, nighttime eye treatment could also be the perfect daytime makeup canvas?" Makeup artist and Innovator Lindsey imagined a multitasking eye gel that could be worn all day, serving up both short and long term skin benefits. This fast-absorbing, cooling gel acts like a primer but renews like a powerful anti-aging treatment. The secret is a repairing helix complex from escargot that firms and decreases fine lines and wrinkles.


The Helix Complex* is rich in allantoin, collagen elastin and glycolic acid for long-term anti-aging benefits: all highly effective in helping skin appear brighter, smoother and rejuvenated. The use of snail mucin as a skincare treatment dates back to ancient Greece. In more modern times, South American farmers handling the French delicacy, escargot noticed their hands looked younger and smoother. It wasn’t long before the trend exploded in the beauty-forward Korean market. This powerful ingredient has finally made its way to the western world, and is here to stay!


- Renews and rehydrates
- Cooling effect that aids in depuffing
*Snails were not harmed in the making of this product

Individual results may vary.

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Lindsey A.
Helix AM/PM Eye Gel
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"There is no shortage of beauty products on the market (I would know. I carry a suitcase full of them on a daily basis!), but there does seem to be a shortage of innovation. As a professional makeup artist, I have to be well versed in as many products as possible. The good news is, most of them are pretty similar. But that's also bad news. Volition has set out to change that, developing unique and effective products by listening to and working with people like me (and you!). With Volition, I can fuse my passion for beauty with my artistic mind to co-create products I actually need and love. And so can you!"

- Lindsey A.
Makeup Artist
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