At Volition Beauty, we make your beauty idea into a reality. We believe in your tried-and-true DIYs, your home remedies, and your time honored family beauty secrets. Thanks to our research and design, expertise and track record, with our help your beauty DIYs will become on-the-shelf reality. 

We believe in innovators like you who have a bright idea for a never-seen-before beauty product. Olympic gold medalist, Nastia Luikin, discovered Volition Beauty and fell in love with our products. After one particularly long flight from Japan, Nastia stopped to get her beloved detoxifying drink at LAX – celery juice! After catching a glimpse of herself in a reflection, she thought to herself how she wished she could pour the celery juice right on her skin. In this moment, Nastia remembered Volition’s mission and decided to turn her dreams into reality. Nastia partnered with Volition to launch her Celery Green Cream with Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. 


It's not just Olympic gold medalists who have golden ideas however. Anuradha Koli’s family's DIY turmeric face mask was used as a staple beauty ritual for generations. After seeing Volition pop up on her Facebook feed, Anuradha jumped at the opportunity to partner with Volition Beauty and turn her family’s DIY mask into something that is convenient and accessible for anyone. With Volition, Anuradha elevated her DIY formula and created the Turmeric Brightening Polish. Anuradha notes that “if any of you have actually tried to make your own skincare products at home I think you can imagine the process can be time consuming and cumbersome.” That's why Anuradha partnered with Volition to focus on making a great product and avoiding getting bogged down with the intricacies of production. With Volition’s help, you can scale up your beauty ideas. Partnering with us means getting access to Volition’s network of labs which translates to quicker production! Not to mention you don’t have to pay us a thing...we pay YOU!



“It was a great experience in terms of working with the team, and really thinking through the formula even down to the packaging and the copy and what we wanted them to say.” -Anuradha Koli


At Volition, we value your first hand knowledge and want to partner with you through every step of the process. Innovators are central to the production process. Innovator Kim Simicek began her journey after losing her mother with Alzheimer’s Disease. Kim took a hard look at her cosmetics products and realized they were full of toxic ingredients. Tossing her skin care products in the trash, Kim began formulating beauty products in her kitchen. It was important to Kim, therefore, to work with a brand who had clean beauty values she trusted, this is why she chose Volition Beauty. Through her partnership with Volition, Kim created the Hibiscus Unspottable Correcting Oil and was able to share her beauty idea with the world. Kim maintained control of her idea throughout the process and the formula stayed extremely similar in the end. Kim beams, noting that “it was really great to see this idea come to life from my kitchen to Sephora.”



“The final product is very true to my original formula which is awesome!” - Kim Simicek


These are just a few of our amazing innovator’s stories. Every product on our website has a powerful visionary behind it. We believe you are the next great beauty innovator. So what are you waiting for, we know you have your own skin care product idea waiting to be made into a reality.

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