Part of this "new normal" means wearing a mask every time we go out to keep ourselves and others safe. As it turns out, wearing a piece of cloth against your face for most of the day isn't the best for your skin. All your excess oil, makeup, and sweat transfers onto your mask each time you wear it. This leads us to the new phenomenon of maskne, or acne you get from your mask. We got you covered on how to treat and prevent any blemishes that may have developed from your mask.


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1. Utilize your toner. Keep your mask and face fresh by spritzing your favorite anti-acne toner to the inside of your mask. That way whenever your face rubs onto your mask, your skin will absorb the good-for-you ingredients and act as a preventative measure to keep zits away. Our antioxidant-rich Baobab Toning Essence is perfect for toned, nourished, and soothed skin.

2. Go reusable. The one-use masks aren't environmentally-friendly and have been found littered in streets and even caught on some wild animals. Try a reusable mask instead so you can be safe without negatively affecting our planet! Make sure to wash your mask frequently to keep as sanitary as possible to avoid breakouts. Added bonus: They can double as an outfit accessory!

3. Treat it. Another pro of wearing a mask is that no one can see what's underneath it! If you can, let your skin breathe and take a break from makeup on your lower face area since no one is likely to see it anyway 😉. To take it up a notch, feel free to wear your spot treatments as you're out-and-about to take on any blemishes that need extra care. Our Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask can be doubled as a spot treatment since it's formulated with properties to keep skin detoxified, smoothed, and hydrated. Dip a Q-tip in the jar and thickly cover your imperfection. Allow it to dry before removing with lukewarm water.

4. Consistenly cleanse. Even if you're keeping your mask clean, you never know what bacteria or gunk can find its way to your skin. To help keep the maskne away, ensure you're thoroughly cleansing your skin in the morning & night to keep it as fresh as possible. Try our sulfate-free Orangesicle Daily Balancing Cleanser that ensures skin is feeling purified, balanced, and soothed thanks to prebiotics and nutrient-rich ingredients.



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