It's not just customizable. It's yours. Take control of your skincare and create exactly what you want, with us! Check out our Skincare Quiz that looks as innovative as the ideas we get. Submit your idea today and who could see it in Sephora in a couple months!

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Ever wanted a product to exist that didn’t? That’s where we come in. Submit an idea to our website to make it real. Tell us how it should look, feel and be formulated with as much detail as possible. This is super easy and fun with our quiz. After you submit your idea, our team of product development experts look over it and decide whether we should move forward or not. So, what are they looking for?

1) Feasibility - Can our labs manufacture it?

2) Safety - Is it up to our clean standards & safe for topical use?

3) Ingenuity - This is the most important factor to the Volition Beauty headquarters! We want to make products that aren’t already on the shelves. To move forward with an idea, we want it to be differentiated from what’s already on the market. Pro tip: Do some research beforehand to check and see if your idea already exists! 

From there, we’ll let you know if it needs more innovation, information, or if it’s ready to go! No worries, we help you along the way! When it’s ready to go, it will go up on our campaign page. From there, it’s time to promote! Tell all your family, friends, and anyone in your network to vote on your campaign. If it wins, we’ll make it! All of our current products have Innovators that went through the same process in order to make their products a reality. All successful Volition products are made through a 100% collaborative partnership from both us and our Innovator.


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