Here at Volition Beauty, all of our products are created by a community member who had an idea for a beauty product. These innovators are the foundation of our company, so we frankly could not do it without them. We spotlight them throughout the whole process of bringing their beauty idea to life. Our innovator spotlight blog series is another way we highlight the innovators as integral to Volition Beauty. Keep reading to discover how our Hibiscus Unspottable Correcting Oil was created by Innovator Kim Simicek.

Kim Simicek’s journey began when lost her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease in 2012. According to Kim, her mother was the healthiest person she knew and “she didn't have any health issues whatsoever, not even high blood pressure, not even a hangnail for God’s sake” Kim remarked. After her passing, Kim was inspired to take a deeper look into the cosmetics women use every day. When doing research, Kim learned that some of the main ingredients in many popular aerosol hair sprays are regarded as being highly damaging to health. After learning the dirty secrets inside many cosmetic products, Kim threw away all of her conventional beauty products and ventured into creating her own skincare line from home.


Kim began her formulation process in her kitchen working on all products from face moisturizers to body and hair care. As this process continued, Kim couldn’t find a solution to one of her biggest problems–hyperpigmentation. It was difficult for Kim to find clean beauty products that truly delivered on their results. Through more research Kim found hibiscus oil to be the answer to her problems. 


As Kim continued her search to create her home-made skin care line, she found Volition Beauty and felt particularly aligned with our brand’s commitment to using clean ingredients. At Volition, not only do we believe you deserve only the best clean skin care ingredients in your products, we also believe you should know what's in your products and why! We are transparent because we have nothing to hide: our products are always clean and cruelty free. 


When Kim’s idea was submitted and accepted, she began the fun part: working with the Volition team to bring her dream product to life! With Volition Beauty, Kim created the perfect product to fight hyperpigmentation and discoloration: The Hibiscus Unspottable Correcting Oil. The finished formula is very close to Kim’s original formula with some added ingredients to enhance the product’s properties. In the end, Kim was able to see her skin care grow from her kitchen all the way to Sephora and Neiman Marcus.

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