Dual-Targeted Matcha Hair Mask
Your hair's multidimensional texture is different from root to tip, so why do you use the same conditioning treatment? This matcha-powered set of two targeted hair masks is expertly curated - one formula perfect for eliminating oil from the scalp while the second formula aids in providing intense moisture to the strands. 120 mL / 4 oz
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Tea Powered Haircare

Self proclaimed tea expert, Elizabeth, had used countless products that stripped out the natural oils of her scalp and never had enough product to hydrate her long locks. She wanted to utilize the powerful components found in green tea, such as caffeine and antioxidants, that can prompt blood flow and circulation to the hair follicles, to be made into targeted masks. Maximizing optimal hair health thanks to her morning cup of tea.


This two-part hair mask works in harmony as its separate formulas effectively eliminate excess oil from the scalp while providing maximum hydration to the ends of the hair. Harnessing antioxidant rich matcha green tea with two individual formulas, the scalp treatment creates a stimulating sensation without leaving build-up, while the conditioner uses the matcha to strengthen and fortify hair. This dual use mask performs in unison to help grow healthy hair.


Scalp Treatment:
-Promotes scalp health
-Helps control oil
-Cleanses and eliminates product buildup

Ends Treatment:
-Fortifies and nourishes ends of hair
-Adds shine
-Improves overall texture and appearance

Individual results may vary.

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Elizabeth T.
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Dual-Targeted Matcha Hair Mask
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I was inspired by the skin care trend of multi-masking. I thought that since my scalp and the length of my hair have different needs, why not use two products at the same time to give it all it needs in one step, without having to rinse and manipulate it more, causing more damage. Working with Volition has been a great experience; they really listened to what I envisioned for the product, but still suggested their own ideas to help make it even better.

- Elizabeth T.
Tea Lover & Expert
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Dual-Targeted Matcha Hair Mask