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our mission: transparent innovation
Our members create the "next big things" in beauty along with the top labs, chemists and formulators in the industry
Why is this a better way to make beauty products?
We believe that new products should be driven, and decided on, by our community and not a handful of executives. By revolutionizing how and why our small-batch products are made, we serve the underrepresented and the creative.  We use the wisdom of actual consumers to solve real women’s problems. Learn more.
What types of ideas can I submit?
It doesn’t matter if it’s an exotic ingredient you’ve discovered in your travels, a complex chemical formula or a beauty product that you wish was on the market but isn’t. No problem is too big or too small - we welcome all product ideas.

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How does my idea get chosen to be developed?
Once you submit your idea, our team reviews it for feasibility, brand fit and market potential. If we know of a product like your idea, we’ll point you to it.  We don’t copy other products on the market.
But If your idea is chosen for development, Volition works with you to develop it. Our network of product developers - chemists, R&D teams, labs - are all highly-respected in the cosmetics industry and have significant experience formulating products that are probably sitting on your vanity right now.
What ingredients will you use to make my product?
Our brand promise is performance and results without harmful chemicals. We will never formulate with bad-for-you ingredients such as sulfates, phthalates, parabens, nitrates, coal tar, formaldehyde, BHA and BTA. All of our manufacturing partners and their facilities are the benchmark for safety and quality within the industry.
We are a team of industry insiders who came together to build a better, more democratic beauty brand