As a brand that champions messaging around inclusivity, diversity, and community, we want you to know it's not just lip service. We stand in solidarity with those speaking out and taking action against the racial injustices the black community is, and has been, facing due to a system that's failed them. Some may look at us as just a beauty brand, but we feel it's necessary to use our platform to speak up, share resources, and show support.

Our founders have donated to NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, as it directly helps to protect our local protesters and the rampant injustices. The systemic racism has to end. We recommend supporting Campaign Zero, The Innocent Project, Black Visions Collective, and Reclaim the Block; these organizations are working to lift up communities, end police brutality, and build a more just future.

By the end of 2020, we want to raise our black representation to a minimum of 25-35%. Some steps we're taking to achieve a more inclusive team are to:

- Allocate 30% of our campaigns to black innovators

- Work with black organizations within the Bay Area universities to mentor, help become innovators and learn about the beauty industry

- Collaborate with HBCUs and diverse oraganizations to hire black employees as positions open up

- Continue to amplify black voices on our platform

It is not enough to be against racism, we must be actively anti-racist. We must go beyond talking with people who agree with us. Difficult conversations need to be had in order for change. We must hold ourselves accountable, recognize our privilege, and use it to be an ally. Now is not the time to be silent or passive. 

We hear you. We stand with you. We care about you. Please make sure you're caring for yourself, too. In a time filled with tension, stress, and a desperate call for change, it can seem trivial to prioritize yourself. We wanted to remind you that self care isn't selfish and it's not just skincare. It's nurturing your physical, emotional, and mental health, too. We will be resuming our content but with a strong emphasis on how you can take care of yourself right now.

In this pivotal time of long overdue activism and change, we are proud to be on the right side of history. Thank you to our supporting community who is on this journey with us. Please follow us @volitionbeauty for ways you can help out. Together, we can do this.







  • Text FLOYD to 55156
  • Text JUSTICE to 668336
  • Text ENOUGH to 55165
  • Text DEMAND to 55156
  • Leave a message for Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor 502-574-2003


These don't require any credit card information or payment and take less than 30 seconds. 


  • Register to vote–it's the only way to see change.
  • Check in on your black friends, family, partners, and colleagues to ensure they feel supported, heard, and cared for.
  • Educate yourself. It is not the black community's job to give you a how-to. READ and WATCH these resources for how to understand racism and be anti-racist.
  • Use your platform to share and repost resources to educate your followers.
  • Follow and support black-owned businesses and companies along with black creators and artists (Like @ohhappydani, who did the featured "worthy" artwork).
  • Don't center the narrative around you. Identify privilege, condemn it, and use it constructively to help.
  • Stop supporting organizations that promote hate.
  • Be an ally and advocate after the outrage and attention fades.
  • Continue to donate and support initiatives if you have the means to do so. Money's tight? That's okay. HERE is another way you can help. 


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