Here at Volition Beauty, all of our products are created by a community member who had an idea for a beauty product. These innovators are the foundation of our company, we frankly could not do it without them. We showcase them throughout the whole process of bringing their beauty idea to life. Our innovator spotlight blog series is another way we highlight the innovators as integral to Volition Beauty. Keep reading to discover how our Strawberry-C Brightening Serum was created by Innovator Varika Pinnam.

Varika’s inspiration for this product came from her, and her sister’s, experiments making their own skincare such as creating backyard cleansers and masks. Varika recalls summers when she would rub strawberries on their face and fell in love with the results. However, it's not very convenient or feasible to rub fresh strawberries onto your skin every day and Varika wanted a product to deliver benefits year round.

Turns out Varika had stumbled upon a powerful beauty ingredient as strawberries have 14% more vitamin C than oranges! Plus, strawberries have been used in DIY skincare for centuries with claims that superstars Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly would rub fresh strawberries onto their skin as a facial cleanser. 

Varika partnered with Volition to bring strawberries to skincare for the first time and created the best selling Strawberry-C Brightening Serum. Varika said the process of working with Volition was quick and easy and even enabled her to pursue her other goals. With the commission Varika made off of the break-out success of the serum she was able to co-found a start-up with her sister! (ps. you read that right...our innovators make commission off of their beauty ideas!)

Varika explains her start up in her own words: “The startup is called IDA (, which stands for Ideate Decide Act and we are all about empowering women entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start and grow a business. We are developing a mobile app and platform that will help women figure out what steps to take to build a business and conduct competitor and market analysis with ease! We have hundreds of founders in our newsletter community, have started a podcast, and have built a team for the app that we are gearing up to launch soon, so I'm very excited about it!”

Varika continued by noting “The best part of the journey with IDA has been the impact we get to have on women, and I absolutely love everyone I get to meet and chat with or hear how IDA has helped them. On that note, I think Volition Beauty is an amazing company that does truly empower female entrepreneurs, so it's super cool that our missions are aligned. Many women have ideas but due to one reason or another, many of these ideas don't get to see the light. I truly believe that Volition is bringing to light the ideas of women that they might have never thought possible (such as myself!) which is awesome to see.”

It’s true, empowering women is central to Volition’s mission. The beauty industry is backwards! With boardrooms full of men deciding what products to line shelves with, women don’t get a say in their beauty selections. That’s why Volition Beauty is truly revolutionizing the industry and placing women at the forefront of product ideation. 

You could be the next Volition Beauty innovator! Dust off that product idea you’ve been mulling over and submit it at

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