At Volition Beauty, we will pay you for your DIY skin care idea. Better than that, we will partner with you along every step of the way so you can create the product of your dreams, because we believe in your dreams. 

Every product on our website was made by someone like you: someone with a bright beauty idea, a time honored family beauty secret, or a skin care DIY who is now making money off of their idea! 

We know a great idea when we see it. 

Good product ideas are researched! We want this product to be one of a kind, so make sure no one else is already making it. Find ways to differentiate your idea through its ingredient list or proposed benefits for example.

We want this product to have a purpose! Brainstorm what this product will do and why someone should want it. We want you to make money after all! So find reasons why this product will fly off the shelves. 

We want this product to be doable! Question if our labs can make this product. What's great about partnering with Volition, is we have a network of advanced labs to make your dream a reality.

We want this product to be clean! At Volition, clean beauty is our foundation. All of our products must be cruelty free and up to rigorous clean beauty standards because we want you and our audience to only use the best. 

Once you’ve got your beauty product idea whipped into shape, head to the Volition Beauty Lab to submit your idea! We will communicate with you to let you know if we need more information, brainstorming, or if it's ready to go! 

When your idea is chosen, you will be an active participant in this process. We don’t want to steal your product and run! We know your first hand experience is valuable and we will use it in every step of the process: from formulation, to consistency, to scent, and even to packaging, you will be driving the conversation! Our innovators are an invaluable part of Volition Beauty and we would be nowhere without them, so we truly spotlight them not only during the process, but also in the finished product. 

Submit your idea and have your beauty idea featured in Sephora USA/Canada, Neiman Marcus, Mecca Australia, Feelunique UK and our other retailers.

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