Your skin's daily pick-me-up has arrived. Glow to a tea with Volition Beauty's new product, Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer.


So, what is Yaupon? It's the the only caffeinated plant native to the U.S. It's a naturally-caffeinated tea leaf full of antioxidants. It's now tired skin's waking dream for glowing, energized skin that's plump and healthier-looking.

What's Inside?

Yaupon Holly: Energizes tired skin, soothes redness, visibly reduces puffiness and gives skin a boost of vitality. 


Bakuchiol: A natural retinol source that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Plant-Derived Hyaluronic Acid: Visibly plumps and smooths. 


Meet the Innovator

Maryse, entrepreneur, athlete, supermom of two, WWE Superstar, and now Volition innovator, wakes up early every day to attend to her family and her entertainment business. A caffeinated drink is essential to her morning routine. After her second child, she began noticing her early mornings came along with puffiness and tired-looking skin. She wanted a skin treatment that could wake her skin up and leave it feeling energized, youthful-looking and ready to face the day ahead.



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