Are you a red wine or white wine person? Or maybe you’re more of a rose fan, possibly Champagne? Either way, you drink it, wine is the key to evaluating an experience, dining or otherwise. And you can even incorporate it into your nighttime routine, drinking glass and putting it on your face. Yes, on your face. Sémillon Overnight Retinol Serum is Volition’s most recent launch. Crafted by actress, singer, and winemaker, Jana Kramer, this serum is for the woman who luxuriates at bedtime. It’s formulated with Sémillon grape seed, which is the part of the grape that often gets abandoned in processing white wines. Here’s the thing, though: it is a potent potion filled with polyphenols. Those are the chemicals that neutralize free radicals and slow aging. Combined with retinol, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide and you’ve got yourself a miracle worker in a bottle! Plus it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and easy to travel with. I drop it onto my face in the P.M., patting it in before following up with a light cream. Once I catch some zzz’s, in the morning, I’m glowing and notice my skin is even in tone. It feels good to know nature is at the forefront of my skincare routine and I’m using wine for more than a good time. Grab a glass and pick up Sémillon Overnight Retinol Serum for some evening cosseting.

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