As a cancer you are compassionate, sensitive, and self-protective. You are emotional, nurturing, and caring. But, you can get easily overwhelmed and after a stressful day, the best way to wind down is with a luxurious self-care routine. Include these products in your skincare routine to give yourself some needed me-time.


The Snow Mushroom Water Serum

As a water sign, this product is right up your alley as it features the Snow Mushroom, a super food which can up to 500x its weight in water. Not only is the face serum super-hydrating and pore-minimizing, but it has soothing properties perfect for sensitive skin.

Skin Rhythm Balancing & Clearing Serum

Cancers are deeply sensitive and just like you, your skin faces sensitivity too. Whether it be through blemishes, dry patches, redness or excess oil. This treatment serum uses a gentle blend of acids (Salicylic, Azelaic, and Mandelic) to regulate and clear any breakout or imperfections caused by hormonal changes.

Mineral Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 35

It’s important to protect yourself, inside and out. For physical skin protection, use our 100% mineral, broad spectrum sunscreen that also leaves the skin with a luminous finish.

Screen Time Hydrating Mist

Did you know blue light may be affecting your skin without your knowledge? Blue light is emitted from electronic devices and the sun and can cause photoaging. Protect your skin with this easy-to-use protective yet nourishing mist.

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