Bacne is not only annoying, it can be hard to pinpoint its source and even harder to treat. Keep reading to learn common triggers for bacne and some smart solutions.


Bacne can be caused by…

Oily hair

Residue from oily hair can be easily transferred to the shoulders and back and lead to bacne. To avoid this, wear your hair up or consider washing it more frequently.

Bag straps

Bag straps rubbing against the skin cause friction which transfers dirt onto the skin increasing bacne. If your bag’s straps can be removed, wash them once a week. If they can’t be removed, try wearing a shirt that will cover the area your bag rests on. When choosing a bag, opt for ones that are lightweight and fit properly to minimize friction and irritation.

Sweaty workout clothes

Wearing sweaty workout clothes for long periods of time can trap sweat and dirt on the skin, leading to increased back acne. If possible, shower or change your clothes as soon as possible after a workout to reduce bacne.

Old loofahs

Loofahs can harbor a shocking amount of bacteria as they sit in the shower. This bacteria can then be transferred to your skin leading to bacne. Change your loofah regularly or try to eliminate it from your routine all together.

Conditioner residue

Conditioner residue can clog your back pores in the shower leading to breakouts. To minimize conditioner residue, wash you back after you have conditioned.

Tight clothing

Friction and sweating caused by tight clothing leads to skin irritation and increased back blemishes. If you struggle with bacne, try looser shirts specifically in the summer or when working out when you sweat easily. 

Dirty sheets

Clean your sheets regularly to avoid sleeping with acne causing bacteria.

In short, try to keep your skin clean and dry and avoid clothing and bags that cause friction. Thankfully, bacne is often hard to reach and therefore hard to pick at; but if you can reach your blemishes, don’t pop or pick at them not only can this cause scarring but it can slow your body’s ability to heal.

Treating bacne...


In the shower, cleanse for a full 60 seconds with Orangesicle Balancing Daily Cleanser. And remember to cleanse after you have conditioned to avoid pore-clogging build-up.


Exfoliating your skin is the key to treating and preventing bacne. Use the ACV Resurfacing Peel Pads 2-3x per week to clear pore blockages with AHAs. 

Control Sweat and Oil

If you can't get to a shower or change clothes during a busy day reach for the Oil-Controling Mattifying Mist to control oil on the go. This easy and convenient spray will help prevent bacne with minimal effort.

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