Mission Brows - Eyebrow Replacement
Through an innovator's personal journey with cancer, comes a brow solution for all. Realistic eye brow replacement for hair loss, over-plucking and filling in. Easy to apply and long-wearing, Mission Brows is from a real woman solving a real issue through resilience. Available in shades: Light Brown and Dark Brown. 1 Eye Brow Set & Adhesive Glue 7 ml / 0.25oz
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Beauty with a Deeper Purpose

When Deanna started chemotherapy, she prepared to lose her hair and had her choice of wigs. More unexpected, though, was the loss of her eyebrows, and, despite being a beauty editor, she couldn’t find a brow product that looked realistic. From this experience came the need to create a solution for others undergoing treatment. Every purchase benefits the Ulman Cancer Fund, a program for young adult cancer patients and survivors like Deanna.


These easy to use eye brows are 100% human hair and woven on a micro-net for a realistic look. They are adhered to the skin with a strong but comfortable glue. A true solution for over-plucked brows and they can even be trimmed to use for filling in thin spots. No more smudged, flat penciled in brows.


- Realistic & Natural Look
- Option of Color & Shape
- Easy Application
- Long Wearing
- 100% Human Hair

Volition is proud to donate 30% of all purchases to the Ulman Cancer Fund.

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Deanna P.
Mission Brows - Eyebrow Replacement
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When, a few weeks into chemotherapy, a rat-sized bundle of my hair fell out, I was only surprised at how suddenly it happened. One minute, I had a bob, and the next, most of it was in my hand. Otherwise, it didn't faze me. Much more unnerving was losing my eyebrows, which had been thick and dark. When Volition Beauty approached me to collaborate on false eyebrows, I was all in. I test-drove the brow prototypes, wearing them for hours and practicing various facial expressions, and sampled different adhesives to find what was easy to use and stayed put 24/7. Finally, we landed on the ideal pairing—and the best part is that it benefits the Ulman Cancer Fund, a program for young adult cancer patients and survivors like me.

- Deanna P.
Cancer Survivor
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